Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Renew & Enhance Existing Pool Decks - Cool on Feet - Unlimited Colors

Pool Deck Resurfacing

About the Service

We offer pool deck resurfacing and repair to the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.

Tired of your boring, plain pool deck?  Maybe the existing surface is failing and in need of repair? Resurfacing can spice up your old pool deck without the hassle of tearing out the old concrete and pouring new.

Typical cost of resurfacing is $3-6 per sq. ft. depending on design options, size of area and type of treatment application.  This is much more economical when compared to removal and replacement of concrete, not to mention the risk and possible damage to your landscape, pool etc.

We prefer and are authorized installers of Cool Pool.

Classic Concrete Design provides custom pool deck resurfacing installations working closely with both Homeowners and Commercial Clients, delivering a finished product that meets both functional and aesthetic specifications.
To ensure customer satisfaction and proper implementation, an on-site consultation is paramount to discuss our process, details and address our customer's goals and expectations.

* We service both Commercial and Residential pools.

What's part of the service?

If you have an existing concrete pool deck that just needs an update or that is damaged and in need of repair, there are several options:

 * If you have stamped concrete that has faded and lost it’s luster usually a detailed cleaning, color correction and re sealing with a non-slip additive is the way to go.

 * If you have a standard gray concrete deck that’s in good condition structurally, we can stain and seal the surface for an attractive durable surface OR we can apply an overlay to create a new surface texture with color of your choice!  

 * If your concrete is severely cracked and has structural (settling) issues we DO NOT recommend an overlay.  The concrete overlay will not withstand seasonal movement, expansion and contraction, and will certainly fail.

Your best option is to remove and replace the concrete.

Concrete Overlays

These versatile resurfacing products can be sprayed on or trowel applied to most sound concrete surfaces to add color, texture and slip resistance.

Many of today’s products blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to improve performance, slip resistance, aesthetic qualities and bonding to existing concrete. Many systems also resist damage from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion. Some products are formulated to dry super-fast, making it possible to a give a worn, lackluster pool deck a decorative makeover in as little as 2-3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily use COOL! from Encore Coatings for our pool deck resurfacing projects. These FAQs pertain to the COOL! coating.

Q. What makes COOL! different from other pool coatings?
Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that Cool™ doesn’t rely on a textured profile to stay cool.  Instead, Cool™ relies on its unique formulation.  Most pool deck coatings fall into a category called “profile” coatings. Profile coatings rely on their profile of crevices and cavities to reduce the surface area that your feet come into contact with.  Not only do profile coatings get hot, they chip, they require lots of maintenance, and they’re very hard to keep clean. Cool™ is a polar opposite of these coatings – and that’s why pool owners love Cool™.

Q. Are there other coatings like COOL! on the market?
No. Cool™ is unique because it’s everything we want in a pool coating. It’s environmentally-friendly.  It can repair damaged concrete.  It’s available in any color. It’s safe (ADA compliant). It’s comfortable.  It’s sanitary.  It’s easy to clean.  It stays cool.  It’s the most affordable pool deck coating on the market and, at the end of the day, it’s backed by the best warranty in the business.  So, no.  No other coating on the market compares to Cool™.

Q. If my pool already has a knock-down finish, can I apply COOL! over it?
Yes.  Cool’s state-of-the-art technology makes an excellent overlayment for knock-down finishes. Knock-down finishes often lose their ability to cool after they’ve been resurfaced, making them a “one-generation” solution in terms of heat abatement.  Cool™ is the only known overlayment for knock-down finishes that continues to keep the surface cool, changing knock-down finishes from a one-generation to a multi-generational solution.

Q. When can I begin using my deck again?
We recommend 48 hours of good weather before using the deck. This allows the products to cure before being provoked.

Q. How do I maintain my new pool deck?
Regular cleaning with a neutral cleaner solution.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary

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